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Modern aquaculture boosts incomes in Hebei’s Huanghua city

In recent years, Huanghua city, Hebei province, has been adjusting its economic structure and promoting the intensive development of modern aquaculture and fisheries in accordance with its industrial foundations and market conditions and encouraging residents to get involved.

Chongqing’s Fengdu county unlocks the power of cattle farming and related industries

Located at the northern edge of the Wuling Mountains region in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir area, Fengdu county, Chongqing municipality, lends itself to livestock farming due to the lush and vast upland grasslands that run through the vicinity.
The rural vitalization strategy is the leading agenda for government work on agriculture, rural areas, and rural residents. The top task for implementing the rural vitalization strategy is to ensure supply of important farm produce, grain in particular. Implementation of the rural vitalization strategy and seeking progress in work related with agriculture, rural areas and farmers should be taken into consideration and promoted in the overall economic and social development.

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[Ending poverty in China: Data speak] China' s achievements in poverty alleviation
CFPA's COVID-19 International support in Nepal
Robert Walker: Taking a multidimensional perspective to measure poverty

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Keeping global food chains alive is crucial amid COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting enormous strains on the public health systems around the world, and millions of people in the world’s most advanced economies are in some form of quarantine.

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Community Development Fund and Community-Driven Development - Practices of Huoshan, Anhui

Fight Poverty with a Charity Variety Show - Take the Show of “We Are in Action” of Dragon TV as an Example

Media publicity is an integral part of poverty alleviation campaign. Effective publicity can help mobilize more social resources and social cares, and give impetus to the overall task of cutting poverty. Dragon TV has created a variety show “We Are in Action” with the philosophy of cutting poverty through industry-based development. By integrating e-commerce process of products display, product release, and sales with interactions with TV stars, this program has got off to a great start in terms of both poverty alleviation and viewership ratings.

Town-based factory district – reduces poverty, enhances skills, and leads to better infrastructure in county with scarce arable land

Wuzhishan Green Agriculture Park – Modernization of agricultural pursuits results in more employment opportunities, poverty reduction, and environmental improvement

A model was developed and implemented in Jiange county, Guangyuan city, Sichuan province based on “green agriculture + poverty reduction” in order to harness local environmental resources, engage in sustainable development, and create profit via crop and livestock farming, related products and tourism.

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