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Modern aquaculture boosts incomes in Hebei’s Huanghua city by Huang Sicheng, July 29, 2021
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Members of a fishery cooperative inspect shrimp at a facility in Huanghua city, Hebei province. (Xinhua/Luo Xuefeng)

In recent years, Huanghua city, Hebei province, has been adjusting its economic structure and promoting the intensive development of modern aquaculture and fisheries in accordance with its industrial foundations and market conditions and encouraging residents to get involved. The 108 mariculture enterprises that currently exist in the administrative area have achieved 800 million yuan (US$122.08 million) of total output value and employ approximately 5,000 people at present. Huanghua’s modern aquaculture industry has become a new economic engine that makes it possible for participants to increase their incomes and become more prosperous.

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