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Road and water reduce poverty in Juepu Village by Sun Fang,February 04, 2019 Adjust font size:

 Aerial view of Juepu Village  Global Times/Yang Shu

Located in a mountainous area, Juepu Village sits at an altitude of more than 1,900 meters. The natural conditions create difficulties in terms of water supply and road links with the outside world. It was once the most backward village in Boji Liangzi Town of Leibo County in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture.

The village has 96 households with 412 persons. 63 of the households, with 309 persons, were registered as poverty-stricken four years ago.

There used to be no proper water supply in Juepu Village and villagers suffered considerable hardship. They had to climb five or six kilometers of steep mountain roads to fetch water.

Ahe Eryi, director of Juepu Village, borrowed money to buy pipes and organized the villagers in a project to divert water into the village.

"With a proper water supply, the crops grow well,” says Ashu ZiWu, one of the beneficiaries, with a smile, “villagers can raise pigs and chickens, and enjoy a hygienic environment."

With a proper water supply the village tried to set up businesses, but they could not transport their products to the market. It was impossible to rid the village of poverty without proper roads. Ahe Eryi remembers that it took him three hours to travel from the village down to the roadside to catch a lift when he was a student.

"Roads can serve as a base to encourage villagers to increase their incomes, and lay a solid foundation for poverty alleviation," says Ahe Eryi.

Climbing up the mountain, the 9.9 kilometers of road to Juepu Village rose more than 1,100 meters around 34 bends. Most cars could not turn around.

"The slope was steep." said Qian Dakui, director of the Transportation Bureau of Leibo County. "The gradient and the many narrow road sections did not meet construction standards."

However, a road is essential to poverty reduction, and the local government decided to pave a safe road on the cliff. In 2017, Juepu Village built a cement road and safety barriers were installed in 2018.

New road to Juepu Village  Global Time/Yang Shu

Villager Shama Zizhe raised 60 goats with the help of Ahe Eryi. Last year he drove these goats to the county market along the newly-built road and sold them at a good price. The family escaped poverty this year, earning an annual income of nearly 30,000 yuan ($ 4,500).

With a proper water supply, a new road and supporting policies, Juepu Village threw off poverty in 2017.

The village now has a plantation of more than 60,000 walnut trees and a herd of 1,700 goats. They plan to build a forestry cooperative and develop 9,600 mu (1,581 acres) of barren hills and slopes, which will provide long-term benefits to villagers.

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