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Collaborations contribute to poverty reduction in Hubei,November 17, 2017 Adjust font size:

With poverty reduction being prioritized in the 13th Five-Year Plan, in 2016, Hubei lifted 1.47 million people and 1,601 villages out of poverty; 120,400 households or 328,400 people were relocated, exceeding the forecast by 43% and 24% respectively.

The government, market and society worked cooperatively to relieve poverty.

Financial preferential policy: Hubei encouraged and directed a variety of financial institutions to enhance poverty-assistance. Consequently, 2,791 workstations were built. In 2016, Hubei’s reloan balance reached 1.503 billion (c. U.S. $218 million) while the loan amount increased by 20% compared to that of the beginning of year, which was 6.6 percentages higher than the average growth rate. 

Regional cooperation: Hubei released the Opinions on Further Enhancing Regional Cooperation and Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Hubei Province, which was implemented through 9 developed cities assisting 10 impoverished cities and counties of ethnic minorities. And developed counties were designated to aid 37 counterparts in poverty. The 9 developed cities contributed 1.07 billion yuan (c. U.S. $178.33 million) and raised a fund of 120.5 million (c. U.S. $20 million). 

Continuous effort: To boost policy-making, funds and projects, Hubei provincial administration established a communication and coordination mechanism with organizations directly under the central government, 17 of which have invested 269 million yuan (c. U.S. $44.83 million), and introduced 80 projects and 810 million (c. U.S. $135 million) funds.

Enthusiastic social support: “Thousands of Enterprises Assist Thousands of Villages” initiated in Hubei has engaged 7,963 corporations, 3.19 billion (c. U.S. $531.67 million) direct investments, 1.84 billion (c. U.S. $306.67 million) introduced funds and 90,836 transferred labor. The Association of Industry and Commerce organized contract signing with 1,526 enterprises and pairing with 1,338 impoverished villages. Also it implemented 1,868 projects, assisted 358,300 poor people, and attracted 1.285 billion (c. U.S. $214.17 million) investments and 1.837 million (c. U.S. $306.17 million) donations. 770 million (c. U.S. $128.33 million) public funds were raised on National Poverty-Relief Day (October 17). Organizations including Labor Union, Communist Youth League, Women’s Federation, Association of Science and Technology, Disabled Persons’ Federation and Red Cross initiated themed activities and all sectors of the society were passionate about them and were dedicated to the cause.

Stationed work teams: Hubei reorganized the work teams of rural construction and poverty reduction to make them more devoted and targeted. In 2016, 17,074 work teams and 93,897 village cadres were designated. 3.62 billion yuan (c. U. S. $603.33 million) were invested and 3.19 billion yuan (c. U. S. $5.32 million) fund was introduced.


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