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IFAD Official: Global Development Initiative is Important in Advancing SDG, July 17, 2023
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How do you evaluate China's role in promoting the realization of SDGs?

China has a very important role and China already has played, in past decades, an important role in international development. And going forward, China has a big role in partnering with other countries and with international organizations in building on China's own experience. So, China has a lot to contribute in knowledge, technology, and finance for development.

How do you expect the positive influence of Global Development Initiative?

In particular, the Global Development Initiative is important in focusing international attention on the importance of the development agenda, and in advancing the implementation and realization of the Agenda 2030 and the SDGs.

And later this year, the secretary general of the United Nations is organizing or calling all countries to participate in SDG Summit. And this is one important contribution towards that.

SSTC mechanism plays important role in promoting successful experiences, especially in fields of agriculture and food security. What kind of role IFAD can play to help?

Yes, indeed, this is an important area of collaboration. China and other developing countries have gained a lot of experience in agriculture, in rural development. And it's important to share those experiences among other countries so that those lessons can be applied and advancing world development. IFAD has collaborated for quite some time with China, with South-South and Triangular Collaboration. And China has been very generously contributing to this work also financially and of course with a lot of experiences. And IFAD can facilitate these connections and really link the SSTC agenda to the investment projects that IFAD is doing in many developing countries, and therefore boosting impact and results.