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Case study collection unveils Gansu's development in past decade, December 15, 2022
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“Building a Better Life in China: Gansu Practice” was unveiled at the online South-South Cooperation Dialogue on Rural Youth Development Invigorated by E-commerce event on December 15.

On Dec. 15, a collection of case studies highlighting best poverty alleviation and rural development practices that have been implemented in Gansu province over the past 10 years known as “Building a Better Life in China: Gansu Practice” was unveiled at the online South-South Cooperation Dialogue on Rural Youth Development Invigorated by E-commerce event.

The cover page of the book“Building a Better Life in China: Gansu Practice”

Located in western China and home to the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the administrative area had a poverty rate of 26.5 percent, or 6.92 million people, in 2012.

“Once one of the most impoverished areas in China, Gansu province achieved the dream of eliminating poverty on schedule through arduous efforts,” Carlos Watson, FAO representative to the People’s Republic of China, remarked. “Its experience demonstrates that strong government leadership, innovative approaches and technologies, and development models involving undertakings such as dryland farming and e-commerce have the ability to effectively promote and facilitate poverty reduction and rural vitalization and are enlightening for other developing countries.”

Capturing aspects of China’s development in the new era, the 10 sustainable development solutions contained in the book vividly depict methods Gansu has used to reduce extreme poverty and improve living standards in its borders for readers around the world and cover areas such as specialty foods, water resources, ecological restoration, rural education, cultural preservation, intangible cultural heritage and development of characteristic industries.

WFP has been participating in, contributing to, and witnessing the agricultural and rural development and poverty reduction that have been occurring in China, noted Dr. Qu Sixi, representative and country director of WFP China. “We are willing to strengthen cooperation with Gansu province, explore innovative methods of achieving sustainable agricultural development and general rural development with it, and share successful experiences achieved and applicable practices employed in Gansu and other parts of China with other developing countries in order to help them improve food security and nutrition.”

Chinese and English versions of the case studies were compiled by the Information Office of the Gansu Provincial People’s Government and the Global Center on Development Knowledge Sharing – a thinktank that was co-established by China Internet Information Center (CIIC) and the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies (ACCWS) and operates under the supervision of their parent company, China International Communications Group (CICG).

“All the people living in rural parts of Gansu who were impoverished have escaped from poverty,” explained Zhang Binqiang, head of the Information Office of Gansu Provincial People’s Government. “The problem of absolute poverty, which has plagued us for hundreds of years, has come to a historic resolution. I believe that our experience in the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects can serve as useful wisdom and reference for the international cause of poverty reduction on top of the profound impact that has been made in China.”

The South-South Cooperation Dialogue on Rural Youth Development Invigorated by E-commerce was co-organized by the World Food Programme Centre of Excellence in China (WFP China COE) in collaboration with AliResearch with support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (MARA). The event was designed to facilitate sharing of developing countries’ experiences with e-commerce and corresponding good practices and provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to discuss and explore this important topic and exchange useful information.