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Production of materials used in traditional medicine bolsters rural vitalization by Yan Bin, December 28, 2021
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Farmers harvest plants used in traditional medicine in Niujiayingzi village, Niujiayingzi town,Harqin banner, Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. (Xinhua/Li Zhipeng)

In recent years, Niujiayingzi town, Harqin banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has been actively developing its traditional medicinal material supply industry. Local villagers have been encouraged to grow a variety of plants used in traditional Chinese and Mongolian medicine, such as American silvertop root, Chinese bellflowers, and siler root, across 5,333 ha of land, and a management model involving “cooperatives + growers” was implemented. The efforts have been a success and have helped boost incomes and employment in the town’s rural areas.

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