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The Alliance of Hexi Corridor -- Liangzhou Parley Episode 4, September 18, 2021
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Liangzhou Parley, in its four episodes respectively titled The Hero, The Wise, The Parley and Unification, uses historical moments and evidences to present the context, progresses and far-reaching impacts of the peace talk between Sakya Pandita and Godan in Liangzhou (today’s Wuwei, Gansu Province). The documentary helps the public understand that Tibet is an inseparable part of China, the formation and development of a multinational China, the great contributions of Chinese ethnic groups to the country.

Episode 4 Unification

It was the summer of the year 1253, two years after Godan and Sapan died. A large Mongol army garrisoned at Liupan Mountain in Ningxia, was ready for its expedition to Dali.

In the commander's camp, a Mongol prince glowered at a young Tibetan monk who had just rejected a direct order face to face.

The Mongol prince was none other than Kublai Khan.

The monk was Phagpa, leader of Sakya, the most prominent school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Kublai’s plan was to launch a flank attack on Dali through the east of Tibet and Phagpa wasn’t happy about it.

If Kublai and Phagpa became hostile toward each other, it would threaten relations between Sakya and the Mongol court and ultimately destroy the peace that had been achieved after the Liangzhou Parley.

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