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Yigong Tea Plantation unveils a new look in Tibet by Liu Jiayi, August 11, 2021
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Huang Hualin (middle), an expert who works for the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Tea Research Institute and serves as the Yigong Tea Plantation’s production manager in Bomi county, Nyingchi prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, explains scientific cultivation methods to local growers at the farm. (Xinhua/Jin Liwang)

Located in Bomi county, Nyingchi prefecture, at an average altitude of more than 2,000 m, the Yigong Tea Plantation was the first large-scale tea farm in Tibet Autonomous Region. Currently developing its Snow Plateau Tea and Red Yigong brands as part of efforts to expand eco-cultural tourism in the area, the plantation also hopes to harness the combination of tourism and tea production to promote the development of new tea farms.

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