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Land-use reforms boost rural revitalization in Chongqing’s Qinglong village by Pang Jie, July 29, 2021
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A residential area in Qinglong village, Dasheng town, Yubei district, Chongqing municipality. (Xinhua/Liu Chan)

In recent years, Qinglong village, Dasheng town, Yubei district, Chongqing municipality, has implemented a series of measures designed to connect fragmented parcels of farmland into unified plots, mechanize agricultural endeavors, promote the cultivation of more-efficient crops, eliminate the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizer in favor of targeted fertilization, and encourage cooperative operation and management rather than decentralized pursuits in order to unlock the power of its land.

The policies made it possible for the hamlet to expand its arable land from 93 ha’s worth to 133 ha’s worth. Rows of late-ripening citrus fruit trees are currently being cultivated on 120 ha of fertile soil, and more than 73 ha’s worth of soybeans, buckwheat, potatoes and other characteristic cash crops have been interplanted between them. Qinglong’s appearance has experienced great improvement, its farmers and its cooperative are steadily increasing their incomes, and its inhabitants have developed a great sense of confidence in the hamlet’s rural revitalization  campaign.

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