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Targeted poverty alleviation helps to increase sales for Sanya farmers by Gao Yiming,June 13, 2019 Adjust font size:

“I’ve sold three pigs in just one day!” smiled Huang Deqiang. “It used to take me at least a week.” Huang is fromTailou, an impoverished mountainous village about an one-hour drive from Sanya City, in southern China’s Hainan Province. Thanks to a Sanya government policy encouraging local markets to set up sales booths dedicated to selling agricultural products produced by impoverished farmers, Huang has escaped from poverty.The sale of his four pigs earned him about 5,000 yuan (U.S. $730).

“Our sales booths are easy to spot in these markets,”said Mai Shaohua, Party Secretary of Tailou. “That helps a lot.” According to Mai, 240 pigs raised in his village can be sold in a month or so. In the past it might have taken six months to sell them.

“Most of the poor households are self-employed and their sales channels are quite limited,” an official from Sanya Agriculture Bureau explained. Since the launch of the poverty reduction related policy at the end of 2016, around 40 markets in Sanya have established such booths.

“We used to worry that if we raised too many pigs, we wouldn’t be able to sell them all,” said Huang Yuxiang, another Tailou villager. “Now that the markets in town sell for us, all we have to do is to look after the pigs.”

“We are not only helping farmers sell their products, but also help increase the sales,” Head of the Poverty Alleviation Office in Sanya said. In the next phase, distribution of such markets will be optimized to realize their full coverage in urban area, with focus given to the growth of sales booths for farm produce of the impoverished households, so as to help raise their income.

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